Social Media giveaway!

Hi there,

So you’re interested in receiving a free watch!

Here’s the deal, all you need to do is to fill out the form below and we will do a simple check to see whether or not you have meet the criteria we have in-place. However, if we think you are producing awesome content, we may remove the criteria for a specific case so why not throw your name in the draw anyways!

We will even give you a discount code so you can treat your friends!

The five most important areas of the criteria are below!

- Share this post on Facebook and Instagram

- The more followers/Friends the better!

- A consistent amount of likes!

- Creative content is always loved!

- You share doing things that you enjoy.

We will choose between 5 and 7 people to receive watches! These people will be contacted through email! Don't wait because this opportunity closes in 10 days (15th/October/2017).


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