Kickstarter support


Thank you to our KickStarter supporters!

The following people listed below were such a big part of our foundations. Below is a list of all the people who helped Kickstart our business and we are extremely thankful. Each person is either listed by name or by anonymous or in alphabetical order of their first name.

Harry Scambler

Helen McCredie

Imogen Willson

James Marshall

James Caffery

Joseph Robertson

Joshua Penman

Kat Valdez

Luca Hehir

Max Warren

Maximilian Wang

Patrick Johnson

Peeter Mirlieb

Peter Brown

Ryan Barton

Steele Butler

Tania Maxwell

Thomas Moran

Vaughn Oerder

William Cox

Yodan Karyanto

Anonymous (7)

Allie Budde

Ann Hickey

Ash Glassock

Bec Thompson

Ben Maliel

Ben Page

Ben Croker

Benjamin Odewahn

Browyn Taylor

Claudia Smeltink

Deion Pryor

Donna Mollica

Elizabeth Mason

Ella Thomas

Ethan Harper

Gavan Waters

Georgie Hood

Graham Tanton

Haley Hatch

Hannah Riddell