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Why Millennial?

Millennial Watches provides quality watches at an affordable price. We constantly check and examine each watch before they are shipped in order to make the experience better for each of our consumers.

We offer every consumer a watch that is light weight, of precision quality, minimalistic and elegant. All watches are made for fashion conscious individuals, who want a quality watch at quality price.

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Original & Haven Collection

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Haven Collection

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Who do we support?

Millennial Watches has decided that we want other people to benefit from our sales, therefore we have decided to donate $3.50 AUD from each watch sold towards the Garvan Institute for Medical Research.

The Garvan Institute conducts research in order to help gain knowledge and information regarding medical illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, immunology and other neurological diseases.

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Original Collection 

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication "

— Leonardo da Vinci